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The enjoyment of wine through the respect of our terroir


All lands are not alike. Since 2001, we redesigned our culture methods according to their differences, mainly due to their geological features.


Thus our phytosanitary treatments are particularly controlled and consistent with good practices of viticulture. Thus, most of our parcels have grass, which has the main advantage of significantly reducing herbicide rates on the one hand, while holding the grass treatment products, on the other hand.


Of course, all the treatments used are labeled "environment friendly" and to ensure full traceability on the conduct of vineyards, each operation is carefully recorded.

This is taking into account the nature of every land, that this work will take its full meaning. Thus, a serious soil like our Château Moulin de Lavaud, is not conducive to weed and should therefore be subject to green harvest in July and August, to eliminate redundant grapes. Necessarily more "severe", they guarantee a strict control of yields.


These are sometimes extensive work as the recovery plots, drainage as was done to Château Haut-Piquat or complete replacement of vines that will allow land to their full potential.

Best practices should also be reflected throughout the vineyard and during this particularly time is that the harvest.


Other times, as at Clos des Menuts, it's a manual stripping, 45 days before harvest that will support the maturity of our grapes. The Guyot double manual harvesting transported to the winery in small crates which operates a second selection of the best grapes ...


The fermenting room is the last step of our traceability. Stainless steel vats with controlled temperature enable fermentation between 28°C and 32°C after destemming grapes.

To extract the best tannins, our wines will have between two and four daily pumping-over depending on the variety of vine. The barrel fermentation is expected to last about 21 days.


Protected in our exceptional wine cellars, our wines will take the time to age, each one of them having their own needs.

Wine is a human adventure: our personnel have regular trainings to master and refine wine requirements.

Your satisfaction in each tasting could be the most beautiful reward for their work!

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